Who We Are

Ebony Noelle Golden giving the keynote at the 2014 Sisterhood Summit.
Ebony Noelle Golden delivering the keynote at the 2014 Sisterhood Summit.

The Black Girl Project is a Brooklyn-based, yet globally focused, organization that uses the arts to amplify the voices and build intercultural and intergenerational community between Black women and girls. While understanding the statistics surrounding Black women and girls, our work acts as a mediator and helps to build leadership, critical and analytical thinking skills that bring about individual and community change.

Why Intercultural?

There is a longstanding belief that Black people are a monolith–we think, act, and be alike. This is not true. However, there are commonalities that bound us as women and girls and as people of African descent wherever we are in the world. Additionally, it is important to understand the differences we have so that we can begin to embrace our uniqueness on a major scale. Black women gathering or coming together, regardless of their place of origin, have the power to change the world.

Why Intergenerational?

Wisdom knows no age and it is vitally important that we are able to learn from and mentor one another. A child can have as much impact on the life of an adult as an adult can have on a child. Sharing knowledge across generations allows for the transfer and updating of knowledge and practices that can help sustain and grow community–and it works both ways. We have a lot to learn from our elders, youth, and everyone in between.