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Described as “real,” “powerful,” “truthful,” and “riveting,” The Black Girl Project illuminates the humanity, diversity and complexity of Black girls.

In a culture where Black women and girls are either venerated for their saintly accomplishments which strips them of any other character attribute except that of martyr/mammy, or demonized and used as the fall gal to explain away all that is wrong with The Black Girl Project documentarythe Black community and society-at-large, it is important to hear and see Black girls speak their truths.

Traditional media continues to have a problem with realistic, multi-faceted portrayals of Black women and girls, and for that matter, all females of color. It is our hope that the film adds to the discussions about Black women and girls across the country and that it will contribute to a paradigm shift in how they are seen by others and how they see themselves.

The Black Girl Project is a film that affirms our lives, reminds us that our voices matter, and holds each of us, as valued media makers. The discussions on sexuality, and how young Black women of various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds share their perspectives challenges the ideas that many have about young women of Color. We are so much more than what is believed.

Just a bit of praise for the film

K. Neycha Herford, Artist, Musician, Author: Turman’s film provides a chilling commentary on the fragile nature of being young, black, and female in urban America. The stories are insightful and thrilling in their transparency. Naked, the film is a powerful and nuanced portrait of feminine identity and vulnerability.

Bianca Laureano, Sexologist: This film makes an amazing contribution to the education field in an interdisciplinary way.The voices of young Black women are centered and they have something to say about their own liberation. If you are searching for a film that values and respects the self-determination of all Black women, this is the one you must have in your collection.

Attika Torrence, Independent Film New York: I premiere and screen several films and have done so for many years. Every once in awhile I come across a project that moves me to the core and this is one of those projects.


Developed, Filmed, Written + Edited by Aiesha Turman

Additional photography: Netchem Hairston

Additional filming: Tyre Nobles

Technical Adviser: Nasheim Williams


These young women were wonderful enough to give their time and share their stories; it was truly appreciated.

Chanel Jones

Amanda Rivera

Netchem Hairston

Melissa Henry


Tiffany Coley

Chenequa Snell

Paige Padgett

Aurelia Spence

Courtney James