Black Girl Museum + Pop!

Site-specific, and place-based, Black Girl Muse & Pop! is a traveling informal museum, digital exhibition and interactive pop-up art and media making space that engages Black women and girls on what it has meant to be Black and female historically, and in the present moment. It counters the often-felt experiences of Black women and girls have in traditional museums that reinforce that they are  unwelcome and their stories are left untold. Black Girl Muse & Pop! is a traveling/mobile space that is culturally responsive and receptive.

Each iteration Black Girl Muse & Pop! involves community curation, a maker-space, and movement.

BGMuse is composed of three distinct, yet intertwining components:


We define a museum as a space to investigate and illuminate histories using art to create multi-layered narratives. What is evident in historical and contemporary museum practices is that the histories of marginalized groups remain subjugated, nonexistent, or in deference to a larger narrative/myth of white patriarchal superiority.

Community Engagement

Our community engagement practices are multi-faceted and are tethered to both the community where the pop up is located. Additionally, they involve multiple artistic modalities including, but not limited to performance. poetry and the visual arts.

Digital Archives

The event, along with art created and memorabilia/artifacts catalogued will be added to a digital archive, which would be freely accessed via the internet. Additionally, curriculum centering the artwork, lives of the artists, and their communities would be created and made available as well.