About BGP

The Black Girl Project began as a documentary film, which premiered in August 2010; our founder worked to create a diverse visual representation of young Black women, providing them with a platform to tell their stories in their own words with the goal to begin helping to transform individuals and communities through inter- and intra-generational dialogue.

Today, The Black Girl Project is a grassroots organization that leverages both traditional, and new educational formats and media platforms to assist young women and girls in attaining personal freedom, liberation, and self-actualization. We do this via a multi-pronged approach, utilizing interdisciplinary artistic modalities, primarily Media and Literary Arts, to engage our core audience in creating, remixing, and narrating their own lives. Through on-site workshops and labs, our Leadership Academy, as well as our annual Sisterhood Summit that serves 100+ young women from the Metro NY, and Mid-Atlantic regions, we use the arts to empower, transform, and mitigate inter-generational trauma and cultural/historical grief.


Our mission is to transform individual lives and whole communities through reclaiming, rewriting and remixing narratives. Narratives, are just stories; stories that are written, vocalized, photographed, filmed, painted, and more. They have the power to uplift, redirect, and bring balance to individuals and communities, small and large.

We do this work through our Leadership Academy, Sisterhood Summit, Workshops + Labs that focus on issues specific to women and girls throughout the Diaspora.


Our work is rooted in three core values:

  • Truth:  Your truth, your voice, your reality matters. When we are engaging one another from a space of truthfulness, only then can transformation begin.
  • Hustle:  To hustle is to do the work required for transformation. It involves creativity, the shifting of paradigms, and ingenuity. Hustling reclaims the self.
  • Liberation:  Personal liberation begets community liberation. We cannot wait to be liberated, it all begins with self.

We work to create programs, projects and events that emphasize individual and community-based liberatory practices. With a mix of both free and fee-based programming, we’re able to serve youth/communities in the NY Metro area, as well as nationally, and globally.

In addition to using on-the-ground, traditional and virtual platforms to work with young women and girls, we utilize film screenings, followed by discussions and talkbacks to spark meaningful, engaged inter-generational conversations which participants take back to their homes, communities, and schools.

Our audience is Black women and girls across the Diaspora and is inclusive of diverse ethnicities, sexual orientations, socio-economic statuses,  and gender presentations. We know that “girls” may not always look like what society deems them to be and we are open and accepting to all. We primarily focus on young women between 17 and 25, because these are transitional and transformational years–not a child, but adult in age only–trying to navigate the world with choices and possibilities hurling at top speeds. However, our work embraces women of all ages.

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