We inspire creativity, analytical and critical thinking, awareness, action, and transformation, which emboldens young women's leadership and liberation.

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Since 2011, our mission has included emboldening Black girls to create the lives they deserve regardless of place, ethnicity, sexuality, educational level, or socio-economic status. Our culture treats Black girls as if they are adults — expecting them to behave like world-weary women and removing the joy of childhood and adolescence. Yet, when they do, we call them grown and fast. It’s as if they, as a group, cannot win.

We are here to help young women on the precipice of adulthood become self actualized by providing support, guidance, and creative outlets. Through a model that centers the young woman/girl, we utilize interdisciplinary modalities to help strengthen the whole person — intellectually, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. We approach blackness and woman-ness as assets, not detriments.